Special equipment front writing special war "epidemic" answer sheet

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                    Special equipment is related to the health and safety of the people. In the battle against novel coronavirus pneumonia, the national special equipment front line staff, under the leadership of the Party Supervision Committee of the market supervision bureau, resolutely fought in the front line of epidemic prevention and control. They take the initiative to take the initiative to take the responsibility, take the lead in service, perform their duties and fulfill their duties, effectively guarantee the operation safety of special equipment during the epidemic prevention and control, fully support the enterprises to resume work and return to production, and practice the noble sentiment of "each party member is a banner, I am the party members and I will go first", and build a strong defense line for fighting the epidemic prevention and control and Resistance War.

                    Oxygen supply for leishenshan hospital on time

                    In Wuhan, Hubei Province, the first line of the anti epidemic and anti epidemic war, in addition to medical staff, there is a special team running on the "front line", which is the staff of the special equipment safety supervision department of Wuhan market supervision bureau“ After the outbreak of the epidemic, we have launched a 24-hour standby working mode to ensure the safe operation of special equipment in the city, and make due contribution to win the people's war, the overall war and the anti-attack war for the prevention and control of the epidemic. " Zhou Jun, deputy director of Wuhan municipal market supervision bureau, said.

                    On the morning of January 26, the market supervision bureau of Jiangxia District of Wuhan city received an order: to assist the construction of leishenshan hospital, and to build oxygen supply station and oxygen supply pipeline for the hospital.

                    Epidemic situation is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility. Jiangxia District Market Supervision Bureau immediately coordinates relevant manufacturing units and installation units. A competition with virus for speed, endurance and wisdom is launched“ We often stay awake all night running at the same time, comparing speed to virus. Hungry, eat instant noodles; I'm sleepy. Take a nap and continue to work. " Yangxiangdong, the head of Jiangxia District Market Supervision Bureau, told China consumer daily.

                    February 6, is the day when the medical liquid oxygen tank is installed“ It's officially on at 6 a.m! In half an hour, a tank must be erected, evaporator installation completed in half an hour, foundation welding completed in half an hour, inspection and clearing of tank body and pipeline in half an hour! Before 18 p.m., all the installation tasks of 6 (sets) tanks must be completed! " The special equipment safety supervision department of Jiangxia District Market Supervision Bureau organized and coordinated 28 technical workers to fight for 12 hours continuously, and all six liquid oxygen tanks were installed on time.

                    After 12 days of fierce battle, 1600 bed equipment belts, positive and negative pressure equipment, medical liquid oxygen station and oxygen supply pipeline of leishenshan hospital were installed. These tasks, which take more than a year to complete in the ordinary days, took only 12 days to complete successfully, created a new Chinese speed for the installation, commissioning and use of special equipment, and made great contributions to the protection of patient treatment.

                    "Retrograde family" is on the front line

                    "Go ahead, it's the trust that the organization has on you, protects, works at ease, and has me at home." On January 26, Yan Luwei, deputy chief of special equipment section of market supervision bureau of Congtai District, Handan City, Hebei Province, told Haiyan, his wife's hospital.

                    Haiyan is the deputy head nurse of severe Medicine Department of Handan central hospital. As the first medical team member of Hebei Province to support Hubei province that night, Haiyan hurriedly stepped on the train to Wuhan before he could say good-bye to his family.

                    Yuanhaiyan rushed to the forefront of the war "epidemic" in Wuhan. Yan Luwei also fought in the first line of special equipment safety supervision. The couple staged a moving "retrograde family" story.

                    There are 6553 special equipment in cluster area, of which 5218 elevators are available. Elevator car is the key part of epidemic prevention and control. In order to prevent the spread of epidemic situation, Yan Luwei and colleagues and soldiers of the Department have two routes since January 26. On site, the elevator users and management units are guided to do well in killing and ventilation work in the elevator every day, and strengthening the supervision of elevator maintenance and maintenance to ensure the normal and safe operation of the elevator. In order to ensure the safety of special equipment of the enterprises, he led the staff of the Department to check one by one, and actively guided and helped the enterprises that failed to meet the requirements. He regularly conducted patrol inspection on the power ladders in key units and personnel intensive areas such as stations, hospitals and large supermarkets which have been running normally, and supervised and inspected strictly, and urged timely maintenance and maintenance to ensure that there was no loss.

                    Yan Luwei and his wife said they just did their best to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible and to spend the spring and flowers blooming.

                    Supervise elevator to ensure safety

                    Elevator as a tool for daily public travel, one is connected with thousands of small homes, and the other is connected with public safety. At present, there are more than 54000 elevators in use in Jinan, Shandong Province“ The closed and narrow elevator is the high risk environment for infection with virus. If the foam falls on the wall or button, cross infection may occur... "Zhouhui, director of special equipment safety supervision department of Jinan market supervision bureau, is worried about this.

                    During the Spring Festival, Zhou Hui returned to his post early, and rushed to the first line of epidemic prevention and control, checked the safety of the elevator, supervised and inspected the disinfection of the elevator, and publicized the knowledge of epidemic prevention. He saw that residents in the community did not take the masks, the disinfection of the elevators was not timely and incomplete, and they were anxious. He drafted the proposal on actively responding to the epidemic situation and standardized the use of elevators overnight, introduced the safety knowledge of elevator riding and disinfection in detail, and dispatched the district and county bureaus and the "96333" elevator emergency treatment service platform, First time, it is distributed to elevator maintenance unit and residential property company. He himself also brought the initiative to the front line of community prevention and control, contacted the community leader, inspected the elevator on site, asked the owners of the community, and ordered the property maintenance personnel to do a good job in the daily killing and publicity of the elevator.

                    Every day, Zhou Hui measured the distance from the office to the front line of prevention and control of various communities, appeared in the elevator exits and property duty rooms. When busy, the water in the thermal insulation Cup could not be drunk. Lift up the lift lift 1884 novel coronavirus pneumonia, and the Ji'nan city's market supervision bureau special equipment supervision personnel and the community front-line control personnel, as of February 25th, the city of Shandong has inspected the elevator unit of use, and instructed 118747 kinds of elevator to disinfect 118747 times.

                    Fully support the resumption of work and reproduction

                    After the outbreak, promoting production and supply protection has become a task of a hundred thousand.

                    In order to effectively strengthen epidemic prevention and control and support the resumption of work and resumption of production, the General Administration of market supervision and distribution of the notice on the safety supervision and service guarantee of special equipment for resumption of work and resumption of work and the notice on the supervision of elevator safety during epidemic prevention and control require that the operation safety of special equipment during epidemic prevention and control be effectively guaranteed and the enterprises shall be fully supported for the resumption of work and reproduction, Do a good job of special equipment service guarantee.

                    The special equipment Bureau of the General Administration of market supervision and supervision acts rapidly, refines the requirements of measures, implements safety responsibilities and fully supports the resumption of work and resumption of special equipment enterprises. As of March 20, the special equipment Bureau of the General Administration has handled the exemption of review and renewal for 15 special equipment production units, and extended the license for 330 special equipment production units and inspection and testing institutions.

                    The market supervision departments of various regions actively rely on the front service, ask the enterprises in need actively, and, in combination with the local reality, issue specific measures to support the enterprises to resume work and return to work, so as to help enterprises solve the actual difficulties.

                    The small and micro businesses' notice on the implementation of the plan to stop the inspection of special equipment for small and medium enterprises in Beijing is issued by the Beijing municipal market supervision bureau, the market supervision bureau of the city of Beijing issued a notice to clarify the specific plans, smooth the channels for handling, streamline materials, reduce the time limit, lighten the burden of enterprises, and help small and micro businesses tide over difficulties. As of March 17, the inspection institutions of special equipment in 17 systems in Beijing strictly implemented the requirements, and 623 pieces of inspection fees were stopped, involving 5708 sets of equipment, and the suspension cost was 3.257 million yuan. In 2020, it is estimated that the inspection and testing cost of special equipment will be stopped for 120 million yuan.

                    The war "epidemic" won't win, and the prevention of "epidemic" will never be relaxed. The head of the special equipment Bureau of the General Administration of market supervision said that the special equipment front will conscientiously implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and instructions, and continue to do a good job in the safety of special equipment in accordance with the work of the Party committee of the General Administration of market supervision, so as to ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and provide strong support for enterprises to resume work and resume production. In order to build a well-off society in an all-round way, we should firmly keep the safety bottom line of special equipment.

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